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I began working with bodies and qualified as a Doctor Of Chiropractic. Since Gary Douglas and Access came into my life, everything has changed, including the way I work with bodies now.

Bodies are so much more than we have decided they are. They are truly amazing and wonderful friends. Bodies talk with us all the time, yet very few people actually listen

At Access, we have discovered energy processes, which we can run on bodies and change things dynamically and with ease. We have a totally different way of working with bodies that is so weird, yet provideds results beyond anything you can imagine. What if your body didn't have to age and that aging was just a point of view we bought from someone else?. What if your body desired to live way beyond what was considered normal?

We are also aware that what you are 'being' can change everything, including your body. That's why I created the Energetic Synthesis Of Being class; to facilitate you and your body to a greater possibility. The video above is a snapshot of the class in Australia, in particular, the people who participated

Their comments, in the video and also written testimonials, provide an insite into the change we all were able to facilitate for each other over the 3-day class

Can you change your whole life in three days? You will see that it's clearly possible when you, read some of the testimonials offered here.

A Chiropractor's Conversation

Chiropractors, are you willing to consider another possibility?

In the audio below, I talk about the changes that allowed me to add-to traditional chiropractic and begin one of the great adventures of my life; the body-work I love to do.

"Every time I touched some body, I wanted to change the world. I didn't just want to adjust their spine; I didn't want to just make them feel better and get them out of pain with a range of motion increase so I can prove I did something; I wanted to change the world! That's why I got into Chiropractic." DH 2007


Energetic Sythesis Of Being

Can You Really Change Your Whole Life In Just Three Days?

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